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Based in Cyberjaya, our team of engineers with years of experience in providing engineering services and consultancy are here to help you. We have just the right people, skills, tools and knowledge to realise your vision.


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"Gaining a customers’ smiling face.That is a good reason for them to keep trusting us"

Yuichi Sanada

DreamEDGE Technical Advisor

(Former CEO of NISMO)

We Learn From The Best

The Guru

Meet Yuichi Sanada; the man in charge.

He had been working for 31 years in Nissan when he was appointed as the 4th President of Nissan Motorsport (NISMO). With 15 years of experience as a Chassis Engineer in Nissan, he developed the team up on the basis of discipline and hard work; which then led them to champion the Super GT Japan for 9 years consecutively.

He’s unlike the typical man you would usually see here; working leisurely till 65 and happily retiring to be with family. Nope, He’s a man on mission. Sanada-san realises that the region is in need of new engineering technologies and wanted to bring the vision of innovative technology and unique solutions so that he could help organisations in the region grow competitively in line with others.

The best team he could lead?

You guessed it; of course, experienced professionals who shares the same vision.


"That will take care of all your needs"


Styling Design

The styling team uses a variety of idea sketches to full digital renderings while maintaining a consistent digital workflow as it evolves from 2D illustrations to 3D photorealistic renderings.

Engineering Design

A group of highly specialised engineers who have the expertise to handle high-end systems together with mid-range CAD in the digital engineering ranging from 2D drafting up until 3D modelling.



Engineering Performance

The engineers with extensive experience and track records in CAE analysis providing verification of any design, its correlation with the physical results and solution, and design optimisation.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

A team of passionate experts that realises concepts beyond virtual visualisation, seeking for a more realistic product design rather than merely visualising the design on screen.



Advanced Electronic System

The masters in creating, understanding and altering electronic control systems with the idea of improving systems to help humanity without feeling less secure of the technology.

Our Principle

Just for you

How we work

All members in the engineering team are hungry for success; because we want to see our efforts being paid off by seeing clients’ smile. We work as a team and would stop at nothing in every projects given to ensure that our customers can sleep soundly every night knowing that their problems are being taken care of. We love to make sure that we always have the right tools and the right people to cater to their needs.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

How we value

It all starts with our greatest assets; our customers. Going above and beyond involves making customers feel special and appreciated. That’s what we do; and we want to do it so well that they will not only come back but insist that their friends do business with us too.

That’s the real reward for us; customer satisfaction is precious, and their loyalty is priceless.