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DreamEDGE Prototyping Centre

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Innovation & Technology Centre

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Digital Engineering Design Centre

Tingkat 4 , Menara Kamal Bina,
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Perak, Malaysia.

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DreamEDGE Japan Co., Ltd.

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Tokyo 150-0002,

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Engineering Solutions

3D CAD for Machine & Equipment: FJICAD/SX

FJICAD/SX Capabilities

High-speed Response

Light Weight Product Data


Cross-section Visualisation

Restiction-less Editing

Conceptual design technology realized by FJICAD/SX

Have you heard "The 3D CAD system cannot be applied for conceptual design of mechanical equipment"? This problem is caused by inconsistency between the conventional design process and operation in 3D CAD system. FJICAD/SX embedded the optimum methodology into the design process and realized the 3D CAD system that can be applied from the conceptual design stage.


Conceptual Sketch

  • Provides the 2D/ 3D multi-environment in which designer's idea can be embodied quickly.

Re-use Drawing Resource

  • Allow designers to perform modeling based on an existing 2D drawing.

Re-use Part Around

  • Allows designers to perform modeling by tracing the edges of a part around. The designer does not have to sketch all the shapes.
Mechanical design process robustly supported

In the process proceeding by degrees from conceptual design to detailed design, FJICAD/SX enables an engineer to develop in the order of entire product -> unit -> part and to change the layer using the drag & drop method even if the requirement is changed during the design period. With FJICAD/SX, the engineer does not have to concern about the constraints such as parameter and history that are peculiar to 3D CAD. FJICAD/SX is the best CAD system especially for trial and error or reuse of data, and is proud of intuitive operation that allows all the engineers to make full use of this system. FJICAD/SX enables a team to perform design work by default and embodies the fundamental process of mechanical design into the CAD system.


Create Part Configuration

  • Place parts into layers after the models are created. The engineer is able to verify ideas without considering the layers.

Re-use Units

  • The engineer is able to reuse units without being restricted by model history or constraints.

Constraint-less Editing

  • The engineer is able to edit models with intuitive operation without considering model history or constraints.

Parametic Features Added Later

  • Defines constraints for a necessary portion later. Enables multiple definitions for the specifications pattern.
Design Verification on the Concept Stage

Super high speed geometric shape processing engine from FJICAD/SX provides design verification for a large assembly in the CAD environment. Interference check and cross-section verification used to be performed using CAD and DMU. Currently, these can be performed with one tool. Early detection of defects improves product quality and shortens lead-time.


Quick Motion

  • Adds constaints automatically and performs kinematics simulations.

Mass Properties

  • Leads from the part models the calculation results (center of gravity, weight and volume, etc.)

Interference Check

  • In the assembly environment, check the portion with less clearance between interfered parts.

Assembly Cross-section

  • Enables to perform cross-section verification and editing.

FJICAD/SX, developed for mechanical design, provides comprehensive drafting functionality that surpasses commercial 2D CAD for the purpose of creating machine drawings more efficiently. FJICAD/SX also provides the window specified for input of roughness of surfaces, GD&T, datum, welding symbols and necessary annotation items needed for drawing creation. A remarkable effect is found when creating and editing a drawing.


Comprehensive Drafting Functionality

Bulk Edit of Dimensions



3D Annotation


Digital Production Tool: DIPRO VridgeR

DIPRO VridgeR has powerful performance and capabilities for your Giga-scale digital files. CAD file larger than 20GB of an Aircraft or Automobile, can be compacted and loaded into a less than 1GB memory while maintaining its precise data quality.

Dental CAD/CAM System: DECSY

An easy way to create a high-quality all ceramics crown.

Regenerative & Associative Formability & Cost Reduction System FTI Solution

Forming Technologies Incorporated (FTI) has developed a suite of products to analyze product formability, die design, and process feasibility.

3D CAD for Machine & Equipment: FJICAD/SX

FJICAD/SX adopted its own CSG solid technology that is the best for machinery equipment. It has the original “ultra high-performance geometry processor engine”.