DreamEDGE Sdn Bhd


Research & Development Centre

C-16-01, Level 16, iTech Tower,
Jalan Impact, Cyber 6, 63000,
Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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Phone: +603.8320.3800

DreamEDGE Prototyping Centre

6 Jalan PTP 1/2, Taman Industri,
Tasik Perdana, 47120,Puchong
Selangor, Malaysia.

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Fax: +603.8320.3900

Innovation & Technology Centre

Lot Pt 5285 O Lebuhraya,
Puchong - Sg. Besi, Bukit Jalil,
57000, Kuala Lumpur.

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E-mail : info.my@dreamedge.jp

Digital Engineering Design Centre

Tingkat 4 , Menara Kamal Bina,
Jalan Maharajalela, 34000 Taiping,
Perak, Malaysia.

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Japan Phone: +81.3-6712.5920

DreamEDGE Japan Co., Ltd.

2-11-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0002,

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Japan Fax: +81.3-5467.6069

Engineering Services

Training Program


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Download Application Form              Trainer Profile

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Download Application Form         Trainer Profile

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Download Application Form        Trainer Profile

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CAD Software Training

All our training formats are interactive and provide opportunities for hands-on experience, whether it's at your place or our facility.

On-site Training

We bring the instructor-led course curriculum to you. You can choose the syllabus or we can customize it to fit your company's product, processes and people.

Our training facility

We feature dedicated, state-of-the-art training classrooms with individual workstation to maximize your learning experience. Our training courses support user at every level of experience, from new hires to the most experienced support staff.

Project Base Learning

DreamEDGE Program Based Learning (PBL) – Engineering in Design Modeling offers you more than what we state in the training content because our instructors will share their experience to give extra value to you. Manual, tutorial and training provided are developed based on our cooperation with our Japanese partnership company, DIPRO that before this had only been used internally to develop who are new to this field. Participants will be given in-depth understanding in every topic of the training contents which includes training scenario designed to complement each topic. The primary emphasis of the course is to give users a good fundamental understanding of Engineering in Design Modeling practices. The course also includes an introduction to the theory and concept of the manufacturing process. Besides that, each member will need to submit documents such as daily report and weekly report in order to meet our assessment and evaluation criterions during the duration of the program.

Learning Objectives
Introduce theory and concept of the manufacturing process.
Enhance engineering knowledge during design modeling.
Assess design's manufacturing potential.
Understanding surface data quality.
Value Up Innovation for Productive, Performance, Program (VUI3P)

In line with its tagline “Innovating the Future”, the company aims to continuously introduce creative and inventive programs that adds value to an organization. For the first time ever, DreamEDGE is the official instructor of the Value Up Innovation for Productive, Performance Program (VUI3P) in Malaysia. The program, in alliance with its counterpart DIPRO, is a manufacturing-experience education program, enabling participants to enhance their knowledge from the product design and development phase all the way to manufacturing process. The aim of this program is to further reinforce the development of human capital and product innovation within local organizations to face the immense challenges impacting the global competitive market. This program applies the Project Base Learning (PBL) approach where it allows participants to undergo the experience of thinking processes through actual paradigm, by recognizing the problems and executing the solutions.

This program is unique in part that it is fully customizable and speciffically designed for industrial approach. The program has been developed to suit any organization’s characteristics and needs, in educating and enhancing their human capital competency, skills and knowledge. It is this flexibility that has seen the program to be successfully conducted at both industry and university levels in Malaysia.

CAD Data Designing & Modelling Service

Depending on our clients' needs, we have a group of highly specialized CAD operators who are able to do 3-D modeling work such as engineering part modeling, 2D and 3D data creation, surface creation from cloud data, surface creation and data quality checking.

CAE Analysis & Simulation

For the CAE analysis, we not only submit analyzed results but also provide verification on the design, its correlation with the physical test results and solutions. We utilize various CAE softwares for clients who require any data analysis.

CAD Data Conversion Service

Let us assist you with our simple and cost-effective CAD Data Conversion Service, saving you many hours of engineering data rework.

PLM Solution

The PLM solution integrates people, data, processes and business systems. It serves as a product information backbone for companies and extended enterprise.

Outsourcing Services

DreamEDGE offers CAD Outsourcing Services such as CAD Modeling and CAD Drafting Services for mainly the automotive, electronics and precision instrument industries.

Training Program

We specialize in the delivery of targeted software training where it could be at client’s site or within our own facilities.